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We’ve built a platform
for securing crypto market using Insurance.

We’re reinventing the insurance for crypto market that is secure,easy to use and available with variety of solutions, the way of implemention where directly investor and insurer meets under a single platform.


The idea of Toex Coin Started in may 2017, where highly volatile crytpo market needs security using insurance.

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    Decentralized Platform

    ERC20 based one of the most used crypto coin around globe with its highly secure, decentralized & easy to use toexcoin wallet.

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    Most Rewarding Coin

    Toex starts with price as low as 0.02$ and with its gradually icreasing prices within months itself if yeild good cumulative returns and exchange listing over 0.04$ so its a win-win situation for early adopters.

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    Insurance For All

    Insurance for the highly volatile crypto market is a kinda knee feature everyone must have and with a variety of insurance offered for individuals & Institutional.


TOEX offers a simple, secure and easy-to-use insurance solution for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


At ToexCoin we provide easy-to-use but most essentiaal & required features that's insurance using blockchain technology for individuals as well institutional traders.
It's as easy secure & fast process to get Insured

  1. Select plan from variety of types & range.
  2. Pay Premium using ToexCoin.
  3. Easy & effortless Settelment of claim & events
  4. Get your Insured amount within few hours of clain using ToexCoin.

Category of Insurance CATEGORY

Term Insurance
  • Institutional as well as individual users can avail this kind of Term Insurance.
  • Premium would be offered for any insured amount x which would be 25% to 60% and 1% of bonus of insured amount x will be added & finally paid along with maturity amount.
  • Time Period : 1 week to 3 months
Trade Insurance
  • Trade insurance is for those who trades crypto currency on Short / Mid / Long term basis on the selected crypto currencies can be assured
  • Premium for the same would vary from 3% to 8% depending upon the risk associated with this selected crypto currency & volatility at that time.
  • The user can define type of insurance under the section trade insurance and can select duration, quantity & range in percentage.
Investment Insurance
  • Investment insurance is a kind of Portfolio insurance for Institutional & individual traders where insurance is provided on the total net worth of crypto currencies in USD.
  • Such insurance would vary from 1 month to 6 months. The insured amount would vary from 2.5% to 4%.
ICO Insurance
  • To all those new comers in crypto currency market for initial coin offering our company would be glad to provide them with ICO insurance.
  • Projects with solid community backup, verified Etherscan profile, Github & Social media account can be considered for ICO insurance.
  • Technically insurance provided for ICO, Softcap & hardcap based on their evaluation made by Toex International LCC.
Exchange Insurance
  • Exchanges being very highly valuable hosted wallets(except decentralized exchange) were thousands of crypto currency traders put their hard earnings using Fiat, E-currency & Crypto currency. The exchange needs to be ensured against hacking, snooping, ddos attacks, Malware & many other website attacks, for the safety & security & interest of users Teox Coins would profit crypto exchanges to above listed complications.
  • The insured amount & premium for the exchanges would depend upon numbers of active registered users, volume of exchanges & technical capabilities of exchanges based upon evaluations done by our highly skilled team & report would be generated which would describe the insured amount & premium & time span.

Coin Distribution TOKEN

100 Millions Coins For Sale

150 Millions Coins with Founders

Our Roadmap RoadMap

Q4 2017

Idea Begins on Implementation on Serving Insurance on blockchain Technology

Q1 2018

Gathering team of highly qualified professionals

Q2 2018

Making of whitepaper & Roadmap and implementing ToexCoin Token

8th July 2018

Token PreSale Starts

23rd July 2018

Crowd Sale Started

6th Sep 2018

Cooling Period

11th Sep 2018

ICO with 3 Major Exchanges

11th Oct 2018

Implementation of Project Toex Insurance


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